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We welcome your opinions and suggestions

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Receive top-quality maintenance for aircraft in your airline from our independent ground repair contractor. Travel safely with our services that have been recognized globally.


Have confidence in our talented teams, such as Team HNL, who received an award from Mr. Kazutoshi Abe, Vice President of Aircraft Maintenance of JAL. During an unscheduled B787 engine change event, Team HNL provided excellent support and completed efficient maintenance.


As a valued client, you can offer helpful advice on how we can improve our services to better serve you in the future.


Please take a moment to fill out our customer survey form with honest feedback about your experience. Thank you for taking the time to complete this short questionnaire.

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We're concerned about individual opinions and suggestions. We're ready to change as we think that's how we improve and grow further.


Turn to our authorized / certified team of aircraft experts for high-quality workmanship.

Call our experienced team with any questions you have.


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